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The Pie Place

Growing up on an apple farm, Alice has always been a part of a family business. Along with her family, Alice helped at the local farmer's market each weekend selling their farm fresh apples and cider.   Later, as a young mom, she decided to start baking pies and sending them along with her parents to the Farmer's Market in Stratford Ontario. The pies were a hit!!  Pie production increased as well as the work and the sales.  Alice's husband Al began selling these delicious treats at the Ontario Food Terminal

in Toronto. Grocery stores and farmers markets noticed these new HOME MADE pies and started to order more and more each week!  In 1993 Al & Alice renovated their carport into a beautiful fully certified bakery! With 4 little girls at home this was a great chance for both Al and Alice to work from home and be with their family.  As a homeschool family that also worked together, the Schut family enjoyed spending a lot of their time together! Growing the business over the next few years included moving to their own apple farm in 1996 and renovating the garage into their new bakery.  As the pie business continued to grow, they decided to sell the farm and continue with just the bakery.  In 2002, Al & Alice built their new country home and new bakery!  With 7 kids now, this was truly a family business. Being able to work as a family was and continues to be a true blessing. Over these past 27 years, we've enjoyed selling our pies, cookies and tarts at the Stratford Farmer's Market, the London Farmer's Market, the Brantford Farmer's Market,  the Woodstock Farmers' Market and the Ontario Food Terminal Farmer's Market.  As our family continues to grow so does our business! From just Al & Alice to now 7 kids with 3 of them married and 6 little grandkids to love and enjoy! From making 10 pies for a Saturday market to making on average of 1,000 pies a week.  From a couple flavours of pies to numerous flavours along with cookies, tarts, turnovers and seasonal treats! 

Al's Fruit & Veggie Table

With their first apple crop being harvested on their new farm in the Fall of 1996, Al and Alice began another new venture!

  The Woodstock Farmer's Market was the new place to be on Saturday mornings.  In addition to our pies, cookies, tarts and farm fresh apples, we added fresh local produce to our market table. The produce is purchased locally and from the Ontario Food Terminal.  For 24 years we've been supplying fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods to our Woodstock Farmers' Market friends and family.  We are there year round every Saturday morning.  Come, enjoy a Saturday morning out and check out the Market!


            "The pride of the Woodstock Agricultural Society for over one hundred and sixty years. Every Saturday. All Year Round.

          The quintessential Saturday Morning Market tradition. Grab a coffee and walk through, collecting the week's treasures from    

                                    farm to plate. There is no other atmosphere like it in Woodstock!"    Woodstock Farmers' Market







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